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issue twenty-seven is a crisp white shirt

Oh Comely on paper

Each issue, we pick a theme. We get nosy. We get up to mischief. We talk to people. We wonder about the pieces of pottery washed up by the tide and the blue patterns you see cross-hatched on the inside of envelopes. Then we collect up the stories we've found: an adventure between the pages.

The current issue is The Body. Hot baths, long walks, and happy butterflies in your stomach: Issue Twenty-Seven is about feeling good in your skin.

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Oh Comely in a box

Like a magazine come to life in your hands, Oh Comely in a Box is a parcel of treasures inspired by each issue.

Each box, our favourite artists make a special something just for you. It's a package of things to make you feel nice inside, and to keep and admire for time to come.


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